We’re happy to answer any questions you don’t see here, just shoot an email to info@lustymonk.com.

Why is the mustard refrigerated?
We sell the mustard cold, and ask you to store it cold, to preserve the volatile oils that make our mustard so spicy. Fresh-ground mustard has a potent kick that comes from these oils. To preserve that kick, we keep Lusty Monk in the refrigerator. It won't go bad if it's at room temperature, and it's fine to ship it unrefrigerated, but for long-term storage, and to keep it at its freshest, spiciest, lustiest level of potency, we recommend refrigeration.

Can I send it to friends in the mail?
Yes. It handles shipping just fine, just put a note in the box that your friends should pop it in the refrigerator when they get it for long-term storage. (And pack it well! Sometimes carriers are not gentle with boxes.)

Can I take it on the plane?
Yes, but don't try to take it through carry-on, the TSA will confiscate it as a liquid. Put it in checked luggage and make sure it's well-padded.

How quickly do you ship orders?
We normally ship orders three days a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sometimes this varies with holiday schedules and weather, but if you place an order over the weekend, it will get packed and shipped Tuesday mornings.

Is your mustard vegan, vegetarian, gluten free?
You can find the ingredient lists and nutrition panels for each of our products on their respective pages. We do process our mustards in a shared-use facility that processes many types of foods including allergens.

What is the shelf life of the mustard?
Roughly a year from date of manufacture. The “Best By” date on each jar is based on the date the mustard was manufactured, plus one year.

Why did you name it Lusty Monk?
The founder was amused at a story about a strict order of medieval monks who weren’t allowed to eat mustard lest they fall prey to carnal desires. She christened all mustard-eating monks the Lusty Monks.

How can I get my local store to carry the mustard?
Send them the link to our wholesale information!

Do you have a retail store in Asheville?
No, but a lot of other people sell it in Asheville. See our list of retail stores that carry it. If you’re looking for a place to snack on some mustard and have a cool Asheville experience, a lot of restaurants around town serve it, and you can go just out of town to places like Looking Glass Creamery for a cheese plate and a little something to drink.

Do you do factory tours?
We don’t. We have an irregular production schedule, and we’re not set up for tours. (Sorry!)